The breasts are one of the most sensitive areas of the body, and Masters and Mistresses often like to use this for a variety of play.

Because of the breasts' sensitivity and the emotional focus both men and women have for the breasts, this torture can range from purely erotic stimulation to intense pain. At the light, erotic end this play begins with massage and erotic teasing. Tweaking nipples or even using feathers or vibrators to tease the slave while she is restrained and unable to react other than accepting the pleasure her Master or Mistress is providing.

Moderate intensity would be the use of clamps or clothes pins. These are often attached to the nipples, but can also be used on the rest of the breast too. The pressure of the clamps causes constant stimulus and can provide a mild to strong pain depending on the tightness of the clamp. Adding weights or pulling on the clamps can increase the intensity of using breast clamps.

Using needles on the breasts can be quite terrifying, but small, surgically sharp needles will actually cause very little pain. Larger needles or playing with the needle after insertion can cause moderate to extreme pain.

Breast bondage refers to using rope or other materials to put restriction around the base of the breast, or across the breast. The objective of this is to restrict the breast, causing more blood flow and thereby heightening sensation.

Please note that due to our slaves different sensitivities, activities such as breast slapping, needles and electrical play are all shown separately in the slave's description.